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Monday, July 6, 2009

Andrea's Beau Hair Accessories Review and Discount
About Andrea's Beau
Andrea has her family to thank for her love of design. As a little girl, lively family dinners with her grandfather (a dress manufacturer), her grandmother (a department store millinery buyer), her father (the owner of New York women's boutiques), and her mother (a fashion model and noted artist), exposed her to the world of aesthetics, color and textile trends, fashion houses and factory operations.

Fairytale princesses in gossamer gowns, crowns and satin slippers served as the models for Andrea's earliest designs. Her mother further encouraged her to seek inspiration from everyday objects like a vase of daisies, a ballerina's costume, or a beautifully decorated cake.

In 1986, Andrea fell in love with an old roll of French floral ribbon, too pretty to resist, in a dusty shop. In her travels, she had seen marvelous hair decorations on women and girls from Tibet to Bora Bora to Guatemala to Tanzania. So she knew exactly what to do: adorn her own hair! And voilĂ ! Her first creations materialized.

What started out as a mere ribbon romp exploded into an all-out hair decoration obsession. Within months, Andrea created a collection of women's headbands and clips made from irresistibly beautiful silk flowers, trims and ribbons from around the world. Soon thereafter, the birth of her beautiful daughter, Maria, inspired her to add a girls' collection comprised of unusual materials and quality not seen in the children's market. Andrea's Beau, a collection of truly unique hair ornaments, was ready to launch.

Andrea carted her first collection, stored in a hatbox, to buying offices along the east coast. Often without appointments, she learned to simply "open the box" and let the products sell themselves. Rapidly, her items appeared in Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Nordstrom, as well as other former famous department stores including I. Magnin, Jacobson's, and Garfinkel's. Today, Andrea's Beau can be found in over 500 stores around the world.

"Exquisite ribbon, a silk flower, beaded trim, a passementerie tassel… each inspires me to create ornaments that delight not only the wearer, but all who see her. If my designs evoke a delighted ‘ahhh!,’ I'm happy."
Girls Hair Accessories
Andrea has good exposure to the world of fashoins. She has beautiful collections of hair accessories for both women and girls. Hair accessories for girls are very cute. Some look very formal and some look very casual. It's hard to choose one for girl as her website has a array of different colors and different styles. I think she'll help you to choose the best one for your girls.
I never see any little girls look like princess. The girls will look like princess if they try any one in her shop. Every mom will feel great when everyone in the party say that your girls look like princess.
Women's Hair Accessories
Andrea's shop is a boutique great for hair accessories. She also has great trendy style for women.
If you dont have time to style your hair for parties and other festive occasion, then you can choose any one hair accessories for yourself with good discount. Hair accessories are handmade by a team of remarkable women who love the idea that their creations adorn girls and women throughout the world.

Buy it:
Andrea is offering our readers 20% discount only for two weeks. You can use the coupon code “Rajeeslifestyle” in her website . The coupon code will be expired on July 19th.



Xenia said...

I have two girls and am always looking for hair accessories - these are beautiful! My favorites are the Gossamer Flower Salon Clip and the Multi Blossom Clip. Today is the last day to use your discount code, I had better get looking!

xpbloch at juno dot com

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