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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Black Mountain Jewelry Review

About the Company:
Mark S. Mead is an artisan jewelry designer and experienced technician. He has 34 years in the jewelry industry. He concentrate on metal work and stone setting. Mark also applies his skills as an expert lapidary artist to creat unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Carla Vaughn-Mead has 18 years experience in art and jewelry business, including eight years as the Buyer for Beadbox, Inc. an International mail order bead catalog. She experienced with all aspects of mail order. She experienced with importing, exporting and sourcing of materials. She studied in Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking and sculpture, MJSA, Rutgers University. She worked very hard and brings artistic and business background to
Black Mountain Jewelry Co.

The Tree of Life is a powerful symbol found in many cultures and religions. Its deep roots provide strength and stability, enabling the branches above to reach for the heavens. The collection was designed to honor the caretakers in our lives who provide a solid foundation so that we too can reach our highest potential.

The Tree of Life design features a sturdy, multi-branched tree that symbolizes strength and longevity. A tiny human heart, tucked in the tree’s upper boughs, commemorates love and loyalty. The collection includes his and/or her rings, pendant and charm; all are customized with a birthstone or other precious gem and a personalized inscription - on charm or pendant. Additional precious gems can be added to pendant to symbolize birthdays or other meaningful events.

My Review:
Carla of Black Mountain Jewelry Co congrats me for winning Chefdruk Reviews in Tree of Life Pendant Giveaway on May 31, 2009. The minimum value with the chain is $84.95 and increases depending on the stones chosen. I am very happy that they have created my own custom design. I thought it was fashionable jewelry and so it's very expensive. Lately, I came to know that its stones are extraordinary and they are powerful symbols. They stand for protecting our life from danger and give us more strength. Their services are very friendly and you can also learn what their stones meant for. I chosed birth stones for my family and I am very happy to wear beautiful custom sterling silver Tree of Life Pendant whenever I want to. You can see my custom design below.
You can see my name in her website as shown below. It's a perfect gift for Mother's Day.
Buy it:
Carla of Black Mountain Jewelry Co is generously offered our Mom's Focus readers free shipping when they order till 8/15/09. You need to use coupon code FS158 on their website.



JaMean said...

Congrats! This is truly gorgeous! Thanks for the link. I signed up to maybe win one day! :)

Xenia said...

Wow, congratulations! I hadn't heard of this company before, but they sure do make beautiful custom items.

xpbloch at juno dot com

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